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Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) is an internationally recognized institution, providing a variety of degrees taught by industry-leading faculty.

Originally founded as an engineering college in 1958, Florida Tech has developed a reputation for outstanding quality in STEM subjects, earning the label, ‘Florida’s STEM university’. The institution is research-driven, boasting a hands-on, practical learning environment that prepares students for careers of the future.


About this university

Florida Tech takes pride in its diverse student body, with international students comprising about one-third of the student population and representing over 100 countries. International students are made to feel comfortable on campus through various services and events, including counseling, career guidance and a dedicated international festival showing the importance of cultural diversity at Florida Tech, which is also a proud supporter of the #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign.

Florida Tech is ranked as a ‘Tier One Best National University’ by the U.S. News & World Report and is located in Melbourne, Florida, a popular holiday destination. This gives students an outstanding setting to enjoy life outside their studies with events, over 150 student organizations and access to the famous Florida coastline. Florida Tech athletic teams compete in NCAA Division II across a range of sports.

University ranking

Times Higher Education World University Rankings
2023 2022 2021
1001 801 801

What’s new

Florida Tech Named a 2020 Best Global University

Florida Tech has recently been recognized in the 2020 edition of the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Global Universities, which evaluated 1,500 of the world’s top universities based on their reputation and academic research. Only 249 U.S. institutions were included in the final rankings.

Robert Morse, Chief Data Strategist at U.S. News & World Report noted that the rankings continue to expand in order to incorporate the needs of prospective students. He pointed out that institutions are judged on the quality of their research and this gives the rankings a unique methodology.

The edition evaluated institutions from 81 countries and Florida Tech ranked 12th for ‘International Collaboration – Relative to Country’ as well as 29th for ‘Percentage of Highly Cited Papers Among the Top One Percent Most Cited’. The institution was also acknowledged with a joint third ranking, out of 750 universities, for specific subjects, including physics (particle & nuclear; mathematical; quantum; and theoretical). Florida Tech was one of eight universities in the state to be included in the 2020 rankings.


How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year Living costs
US$40,340 US$33,960 US$15,052 US$7,200
Undergraduate Postgraduate Living costs To live on campus

Scholarships & funding

Panther Fund Merit Scholarship

These are partial scholarships based on an applicant’s academic performance in high school (weighted GPA plus standardized test scores submitted at the time of application), which are determined at the time of admission. Merit scholarships require recipients to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.60 at Florida Tech for annual renewal.


Undergraduate Panther Fund Merit Scholarship

These award international students up to USD 12,500 for tuition, regardless of financial need. Most Florida Tech applicants are offered some level of merit award.

Graduate Scholarship

Awarded to international students in a range of values, covering up to USD 6,000 of tuition, regardless of financial need.

Athletic Scholarships

Florida Tech athletic scholarships (NCAA Division II) are awarded by individual coaches via the athletics department. Scholarships are offered to exceptional athletes in men’s baseball, basketball, swimming, rowing and soccer, and in women’s basketball, lacrosse, soccer, swimming and rowing.

Florida Tech Family Grants

Legacy Grant

Children of Florida Tech alumni enrolling in full-time undergraduate programs are eligible for a USD 2,500 grant, renewable for up to four years and given in addition to any other merit scholarships.

Family Grant

Siblings of students currently enrolled at Florida Tech are eligible for a USD 2,500 grant, renewable for up to four years and given in addition to any other merit scholarships, with all sibling students receiving the grant when enrolled at the same time.

Discover scholarships

Florida Institute of Technology provides scholarship for students enrolling for the courses offered by them.


Entry requirements

Florida Tech’s online application can be used by international students to apply at any time. Admission requirements vary depending on the student’s level and program of interest.

Undergraduate requirements

Office of Undergraduate Admission will carefully review the following documents to determine the readiness of applicants for program:

  • Transcript(s) from an approved high school
  • Essay
  • Letter of recommendation

International applicants do not need to provide standardized test (SAT or ACT) scores, but it is highly recommended for admission and priority consideration for international scholarships. There are also English language requirements.

Postgraduate requirements

Students must hold a bachelor’s degree (four-year degree) in a related field from a recognized, regionally accredited college or university if they wish to enroll in a master’s degree program at Florida Tech. Applicants must also have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 as an undergraduate to be considered for admission to a master’s degree program at Florida Tech.

Department and Faculty

Teaching quality

Florida Institute of Technology is an organization focused on valuing and encouraging intellectual curiosity and is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research.



In support of Florida Tech’s commitment, its faculty are internationally recognized as educators, scholars and researchers. They employ innovative technologies and research facilities to serve the various needs of local, state, national and international communities.

Faculty include published scientists, business professionals and astronauts who aim to involve students in exciting research, challenging them to expand their abilities and horizons.

Florid Tech’s faculty build lasting relationships with students, motivating them to reach their full potential both academically and professionally. Learning is an active process at Florida Tech, guided by professors who are passionate about student success. Students graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in whatever career they choose.

Strong academics

Students choosing to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Florida Tech will become part of a challenging academic environment driven by discovery and powered by innovation.

Immersive experience

Florida Tech believes education should be a hands-on and in-depth experience, with all academic programs engaging students in laboratory activities, fieldwork and research projects.

Department structure

Florida Tech has academic programs spread across four distinct colleges with a strong focus.

College of Engineering and Science

Florida Tech’s largest college, the College of Engineering and Science offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in the various areas of applied science, computing, education, engineering, mathematics, the sciences and technology. Students at all levels collaborate with expert faculty on research, contracts and projects of international significance.

College of Aeronautics

Recognized as one of the top university-based aviation programs in the nation, the College of Aeronautics has earned an international reputation for excellence in educating and preparing aviation professionals. About 400 students are enrolled in flight and non-flight programs on its Melbourne campus.

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

The College of Psychology and Liberal Arts offers bachelor’s degrees in various subjects, including applied behavior analysis, forensic psychology, humanities, multiplatform journalism, psychology and strategic communication, as well as master’s degrees in applied behavior analysis, global strategic communication, industrial/organizational psychology, organizational behavior management, organizational leadership and professional behavior analysis.

Bisk College of Business

The Bisk College of Business provides a strong foundation to prepare students for careers of the future. It covers essential business disciplines and engages students in the practical application of business, requiring them to think critically about modern business issues. Graduates emerge well-prepared to manage innovation and change, start and lead businesses, and effectively respond to global business challenges.

Campus and Facilities


Over 40 campus venues are available at Florida Tech, and the institution has many notable facilities, including auditoriums, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs, banquet facilities, athletic spaces, a 500-seat performing arts center, large and small chapels, botanical gardens and outdoor green spaces.


Charles and Ruth Clemente Center for Sports and Recreation

A 62,000-square foot facility housing the varsity gym, intramural gym, weight room, group fitness room, racquetball court and healthy café/eatery.

Panthereum Outdoor Amphitheater

The outdoor amphitheater is an ideal venue for concerts and other performances, with a small stage looking out over a green, open lawn.

Gleason Performing Arts Center

A theater-style, multi-use facility surrounded by a botanical garden and used for all varieties of professional and community productions, as well as large-scale meetings, lectures and video conferencing.


Over 27 residential facilities are available at Florida Tech, with residence hall and apartment communities providing a variety of amenities, including over 70 cable and HD channels, telephone and voicemail service, laundry facilities, ethernet connection and wireless internet.


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