How to Install Audialr on OnePlus Devices to Stop Call Recording Announcements

Audialr on OnePlus: Few days ago, OPPO His new launched ColorOS-based dialer application dialer, which is compatible with Android 12 or later OPPO, real me as well as OnePlus Device Here in this article, we are sharing the download and installation guide Odialar Without announcing a call recording.

Many of you must have noticed that if you have a OnePlus or any other smartphone, then when you start recording the call, it alerts both the speaker and the listener that your call is being recorded.

Due to call recording announcement feature Google DialerWhich is pre-installed as default dialer on your OnePlus smartphone since launch OnePlus 8TAnd adds the ability to alert you to incoming calls.

However, the most annoying thing is the call recording announcement feature. When you start recording the call, the app makes a pre-announcement to both parties, saying, “This call is now being recorded.” So after OnePlus The smartphone has the ability to mute call recording announcements Odialer App Except for third-party apps TTSlex.

ColorOS Odialer Apps:

ColorOS ODialer app Brings many new features like call recording, call management, contact management, dialpad and powerful phone calls with block and filter. These features make your OnePlus smartphone calling experience safer and better Read more here…

How to install Audialr on OnePlus devices to stop call recording announcements:

  • download Odialar app from this link
  • Phone navigation settings
  • Scroll down and tap App chapter
  • click on Default apps
  • From here, you will see a “Phone app“Alternative

Here, tap on it and then “Odialar,” and it was done.

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