How to call Albania from Benin

The process for making an international call to Albania from Benin is relatively straightforward. You will need the country code for Albania (355), the area code for the city you are calling, and the phone number.

To make the call, dial 00 followed by the country code, the area code, and the phone number. So, to call a phone number in Tirana, you would dial 00355-48-XXX-XXX.

If you are calling a cell phone in Albania, you will need to dial the country code (355) and the cell phone number without the leading zero. For example, to call a cell phone in Tirana, you would dial 00355-XXX-XXX.

Esstential Info for Calling Albania from Benin

Exit Code:

The exit code indicates the code required to dial out of a country. For Albania, this is 00. For Benin, the exit code is 00.

Country Code:

The country code indicates the country you are dialing into. For Albania, this is 355. For Benin, the country code is 229.

Area Code:

The area code indicates the specific area within a country you are dialing into. For Albania, this is 28. For Benin, the area code is 21.

Local Time:

The local time indicates the time zone within a country you are dialing into. For Albania, this is GMT +1. For Benin, the local time is GMT.

Area Codes Code by Location

Albania: 355
Benin: 229


Calling Albania from Benin using Landline

When dialing a landline in Albania from Benin, the international access code for Benin is +229. Next, dial the country code for Albania, which is +355. Finally, dial the phone number for the person or business you are trying to reach in Albania.

Calling Albania from Benin using Mobile

There are a few things you should know before you make a mobile phone call from Benin to Albania. First, you will need to find out the international dialling code for Albania (which is +355), and the dialling code for Benin (which is +229). You will also need to determine the time difference between the two countries. Albania is ahead of Benin by one hour. Finally, you will need to decide how long you want your call to last. Calls to Albania from Benin are typically charged by the minute.


To call Albania from Benin, the caller would dial 00 followed by the country code for Albania (355) and the phone number. Calls to Albania are expensive, and it is recommended to use a calling card or a service like Skype.


What is the climate like in Albania?

The climate in Albania is temperate, with a Mediterranean climate in the coastal areas. The climate is continental in the interior, with cold winters and hot summers.

What is the currency in Benin?

The currency in Benin is the Benin CFA Franc.

What is the population of Albania?

The population of Albania is about 3.2 million.

What is the primary religion in Benin?

The primary religion in Benin is Christianity.

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