How to call Aruba from Portugal

There are a few different ways that you can call Aruba from Portugal. The easiest way is to use an international calling card. You can also use Skype or Google Hangouts to make the call.

Esstential Info for Calling Aruba from Portugal

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Exit Code:

The exit code for calling Aruba from Portugal is 00.

Country Code:

The country code for Aruba is 297.

Area Code:

The area code for Aruba is 599.

Local Time:

The local time in Aruba is now 10:27 PM.

Area Codes Code by Location

Portugal: 351
Aruba: 297

Calling Aruba from Portugal using Landline

To call from Portugal to Aruba, dial 00 + 297 + the telephone number. The country code for Aruba is 297, and the area code is the telephone number you are dialing. There is no need to dial the international access code (00) when calling from Portugal.

Calling Aruba from Portugal using Mobile

If you are traveling to Aruba from Portugal, be sure to read all the data available online about the country’s mobile service providers. There are three major providers in Aruba- Digicel, Setar, and Telbo- and each has a different coverage area and pricing structure. Choose the provider that has the best coverage in the areas you will be traveling and make sure to research the rates for calls, texts, and data. You may also want to consider purchasing a local SIM card once you arrive in Aruba to get the best rates.


Aruba is an island country located in the southern Caribbean Sea, north of the Venezuelan coast and about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from the coast of South America. The country consists of two main islands, Aruba and Curaçao, and is situated about 25 kilometers (16 miles) north of the coast of Venezuela.

The official language of Aruba is Dutch, however English is also widely spoken. The currency is the Aruban florin (AWG).

To call Aruba from Portugal, you will need to dial the international access code for Portugal (00), then the country code for Aruba (297), and then the phone number.


1.What is the history of Aruba from Portugal?

The history of Aruba from Portugal is a long and complicated one. The island was originally discovered by the Portuguese in 1499, and they claimed it as their own. However, they never actually settled on the island, and it eventually fell into Spanish hands. The Spanish controlled Aruba for centuries, and it was not until the early 1800s that the Dutch began to take an interest in the island. In 1816, the Dutch officially claimed Aruba as their own, and they have controlled it ever since.

2.How did the two locations come to be part of the same country?

In 1823, the United States of America and Mexico signed the Treaty of Mexico City, which recognized the independence of Mexico from Spain and the annexation of Texas by the United States. The treaty also established the Mexican-American border at the Rio Grande.

3.What are the major differences between the two locations?

The two locations are very different. The first location is in a rural area and the second location is in a city. The first location has a lot of open space and the second location has a lot of buildings. The first location is quieter and the second location is louder.

4.How do the two locations interact with one another?

The two locations interact with one another by providing jobs and services to the people in the area.

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