How to call Azerbaijan from Gambia

To make an international call to Azerbaijan from Gambia, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

004 + 994 + the telephone number

The 004 international dialing code is used to indicate an international call. The 994 country code prefix for Azerbaijan is followed by the telephone number you are trying to reach.

Esstential Info for Calling Azerbaijan from Gambia

Exit Code
Country Code
Area Code
Local Time

The exit code for Gambia is 00, while the exit code for Azerbaijan is 00.
The country code for Gambia is 00220, while the country code for Azerbaijan is +994.
The area code for Gambia is 00220, while the area code for Azerbaijan is not applicable.
The local time in Gambia is GMT, while the local time in Azerbaijan is not applicable.

Area Codes Code by Location




Calling Azerbaijan from Gambia using Landline

When calling Azerbaijan from Gambia, it is important to have the following information available:

-The country code for Azerbaijan is +994
-The area code for the city you are calling in Azerbaijan is also needed
-The local time in Azerbaijan

To make the call, dial:
+994 (country code) (area code) (local time)

So for example, if you wanted to call someone in Baku, you would dial:
+994 12 (area code) (local time)

Calling Azerbaijan from Gambia using Mobile

When traveling, it is important to have up-to-date information about the country you are visiting, including what type of phone service is available. In many cases, you can use your own phone with a local SIM card, which can be much cheaper than using your home phone service. If your phone is not unlocked, you may be able to purchase a local SIM card once you arrive in the country.

Before you leave, be sure to research the local mobile providers and compare their rates. You may also want to consider purchasing a travel SIM card, which can be used in a variety of countries. These cards typically offer a set amount of data, minutes, and texts, and can be reloaded as needed.

When making a call, be sure to dial the country code (+994) first, followed by the area code and phone number. If you are calling a cell phone, you will need to include the “0” prefix. For example, to call a cell phone in Baku, you would dial +994 12 1234567.


The process of calling Azerbaijan from Gambia is relatively simple. To make a call, the Gambian user must first dial the international access code for Gambia, which is +220. Next, they must dial the country code for Azerbaijan, which is +994. After that, they must dial the phone number for the person they are trying to reach in Azerbaijan.


What is the climate like in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has a temperate continental climate.

What is the population of Azerbaijan?

The population of Azerbaijan is 10 million.

What is the GDP of Azerbaijan?

The GDP of Azerbaijan is $64.7 billion.

What is the religion of Azerbaijan?

Islam is the predominant religion of Azerbaijan, followed by approximately 96% of the population. Other religions practiced in Azerbaijan include Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism.

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