How to call Bermuda from Mozambique

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is about 1,000 miles east of North Carolina. Bermuda is known for its pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and British colonial architecture. The official language is English. Bermuda’s capital is Hamilton.

To call Bermuda from Mozambique, you will need to dial 00 followed by 441 then the phone number. The area code for Bermuda is also 441.

Esstential Info for Calling Bermuda from Mozambique


Exit Code:

For calling Bermuda from Mozambique, the exit code is +1.

Country Code:

The country code for Bermuda is +1441.

Area Code:

The area code for Bermuda is +1.

Local Time:

The local time in Bermuda is now 10:59 PM.

Area Codes Code by Location

Bermuda: 441
Mozambique: 258

Calling Bermuda from Mozambique using Landline

There are a few things to consider when making a call to Bermuda from Mozambique. The first is to check the time difference between the two countries. Bermuda is six hours ahead of Mozambique, so calls made during the evening in Mozambique will be in the early morning in Bermuda. The second is to determine the cost of the call. Calls to Bermuda from Mozambique are typically expensive, so it’s important to plan accordingly. The best way to make a call to Bermuda from Mozambique is to use a calling card or an online service like Skype.

Calling Bermuda from Mozambique using Mobile

When making a phone call from Bermuda to Mozambique, it is important to consider the following:

– Calls to Mozambique are expensive and can be quite costly, so it is important to make sure that the call is worth the money.

– Make sure that you have a good mobile data plan with plenty of data.

– Try to find a Wi-Fi spot to make the call, as this will be much cheaper than using your mobile data.

– If you are unable to find a Wi-Fi spot, then make sure that you have a strong mobile signal and enough data to make the call.


The process of calling Bermuda from Mozambique is not difficult, but there are a few things that need to be taken into account. To call Bermuda, the caller needs to dial 00, then the country code (1), then the area code (4), and finally the telephone number. There is no need to dial the international access code (00) when calling from within Bermuda.


What is the climate like in Bermuda?

The climate in Bermuda is temperate, with average temperatures ranging from 18-25 degrees Celsius. The climate is also maritime, meaning that it is affected by the ocean’s temperature and humidity. This results in cooler winters and warmer summers than would be expected at these latitudes. Bermuda also experiences high levels of humidity and occasional storms.

What is the climate like in Mozambique?

The climate in Mozambique is tropical.

What is the history of Bermuda?

The history of Bermuda is a long and colorful one. It is thought that Bermuda was first discovered by Spanish explorers in 1503, but it was not until 1609 that the first permanent settlers arrived from England. The settlers quickly established a thriving colony, thanks in part to the warm climate and rich natural resources of the island. Over the years, Bermuda has played a role in both the British and American empires, and today it is a popular tourist destination and financial center.

What is the history of Mozambique?

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to explore Mozambique, arriving in 1498. They established a string of forts along the coast. In 1505, they made a treaty with a local king, establishing a trading post in Mozambique. Arab traders were also active in the region, and by the early 17th century, they had established a presence in Mozambique.

Mozambique became a Portuguese colony in the mid-19th century. The Portuguese developed a plantation economy in Mozambique, using slave labor to cultivate sugarcane and other crops. They also established a railroad linking Mozambique to the rest of their empire.

Mozambique won independence from Portugal in 1975. However, the country descended into civil war shortly after independence. The war lasted until 1992, and resulted in the death of over a million people.

Since the end of the war, Mozambique has made strides in reconstruction and development. However, the country remains one of the poorest in the world, and faces significant challenges in terms of governance, corruption, and development.

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