How to call Bermuda from Spain

The process for calling Bermuda from Spain is fairly straightforward. To make a call, you will need to dial the international access code for Spain, followed by the country code for Bermuda (1), and then the phone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Bermuda from Spain

Exit Code

Spain’s exit code is 00, while Bermuda’s exit code is 1.

Country Code

Spain’s country code is 34, while Bermuda’s country code is 1.

Area Code

Spain’s area code is 91, while Bermuda’s area code is 441.

Local Time

Spain’s local time is CET, while Bermuda’s local time is AST.

Area Codes Code by Location



Calling Bermuda from Spain using Landline

When calling Bermuda from Spain, the following steps should be taken:

-Check the time difference between Bermuda and Spain.
-Find out the calling code for Bermuda.
-Determine the best time to call.
-Make sure that the caller has the correct dialing sequence.
-Dial the international access code for Spain.
-Dial the Bermuda calling code.
-Dial the number that is being called.

Calling Bermuda from Spain using Mobile

The best way to call Bermuda from Spain is to use a service like Skype. Skype allows you to call people all over the world for a very low price. You can also call people on their cell phones, but it will be a bit more expensive.


Spain and Bermuda both have a number of islands in their respective archipelagos. The Canary Islands are off the coast of Africa and are owned by Spain. Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and is a British Overseas Territory.

There are a few ways to call Bermuda from Spain. The most direct way is to use a satellite phone or a phone card. There are also a few apps that allow for free international calls, such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.


What led to the discovery of Bermuda?

The discovery of Bermuda was most likely accidental.

What are some of the benefits of Bermuda for Spain?

Some of the benefits of Bermuda for Spain include its proximity to the mainland, as well as its status as a tax haven. Bermuda is also known for its strong banking system and its well-developed infrastructure.

How has Bermuda benefited from its relationship with Spain?

Bermuda has benefited from its relationship with Spain in a number of ways. Firstly, Spain has been a strong supporter of Bermuda’s efforts to become a financial centre. Secondly, Spanish businesses have invested in Bermuda, and Spanish tourists visit the island regularly. Finally, the two countries have cooperated closely on a number of issues, including defence, trade, and tourism.

What challenges do Bermuda and Spain face in their relationship?

Bermuda and Spain face many challenges in their relationship. One challenge is that Bermuda is a British territory and Spain is a European Union country. This can create tension because the British and Spanish governments have different views on many issues. Another challenge is that Bermuda and Spain are different sizes and have different economies. This can make it difficult to cooperate on issues such as trade.

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