How to call Equatorial Guinea from Japan

Equatorial Guinea is an African country located on the west coast of the continent. It is bordered by Gabon to the east, Cameroon to the north, and the Gulf of Guinea to the west. The country is made up of several islands, the largest of which is Bioko, where the capital city of Malabo is located. Equatorial Guinea has a population of approximately 1.2 million people, and the official language is Spanish.

The easiest way to call Equatorial Guinea from Japan is to use a service like Callcentric. Dial the access number for your country, then followed by the country code for Equatorial Guinea (240), the area code for the city you are calling (2), and the local number.

Esstential Info for Calling Equatorial Guinea from Japan

Exit Code: 00

Country Code: 240

Area Code: 00

Local Time:

To call Equatorial Guinea from Japan, first dial 00, then the country code for Equatorial Guinea, 240, and then the area code, 00, and finally the local phone number.

Area Codes Code by Location

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Equatorial Guinea:


Calling Equatorial Guinea from Japan using Landline

To make a call from Japan to Equatorial Guinea, the caller must first dial the international access code of 00, then the country code of Equatorial Guinea of 00, and finally the telephone number. The maximum length of the phone number is 10 digits. Calls to Equatorial Guinea are expensive, and the caller should be aware of the cost before making the call.

Calling Equatorial Guinea from Japan using Mobile

There are a few things to consider when making a call to Equatorial Guinea from Japan. The first is that you will need to find a provider that offers international calling services. Second, you will need to make sure that you have the correct country code for Equatorial Guinea. The country code for Equatorial Guinea is 00240. The final thing to consider is the time difference between Japan and Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea is six hours ahead of Japan.


The Equatorial Guinea country code is 240. To call an Equatorial Guinea number from Japan, you would dial 00240 followed by the 8 digit phone number.

Equatorial Guinea is located in Central Africa and is a small country with a population of just over 1 million people. The official language is Spanish, but English is also spoken. The currency is the Central African CFA franc. The main industries in Equatorial Guinea are oil and gas production, timber, and fishing.

Equatorial Guinea is a former Spanish colony and has a mix of African and Spanish culture. The country is known for its beautiful beaches and rainforest. Malabo is the capital city and is located on the island of Bioko. Other major cities include Bata on the mainland and Annobon Island.

Equatorial Guinea is a poor country with a GDP per capita of just over $5,000. The country faces many challenges, including corruption, poor infrastructure, and a lack of education and health care. Despite these challenges, Equatorial Guinea is a fascinating country with a rich culture and a lot to offer visitors.


What is the geographical location of Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea is located in western Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea and Cameroon.

What are some of the cultural similarities between Equatorial Guinea and Japan?

Both Equatorial Guinea and Japan are located in East Asia. They are both maritime nations. They share a common language (Japanese and Spanish). Both countries are constitutional monarchies.

What are some of the main exports of Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea exports oil and gas.

What is the population of Equatorial Guinea?

The population of Equatorial Guinea is about 1.2 million.

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