How to call Taiwan from Brunei

The process for making a call from Brunei to Taiwan is simple. First, dial 00 followed by the country code for Taiwan (886), then the area code and finally the phone number. For example, if you wanted to call the Taipei City Hall, you would dial 00-886-2-2720-3000. Note that calls to Taiwan may incur higher rates than calls within Brunei, so it’s important to check with your service provider to see what rates apply.

Esstential Info for Calling Taiwan from Brunei


How to call Taiwan from Brunei

To call Taiwan from Brunei, you need to dial 002 followed by the Taiwan country code of 886, then the area code and the local phone number.

For example, if you want to call the Taipei City Hall in Taiwan, you would dial 002 886 2227 1111.

Area Codes Code by Location



Calling Taiwan from Brunei using Landline

The best way to call Taiwan from Brunei is to use a landline. You can find all the available data online. Make sure you have the correct country and area codes before you make your call.

Calling Taiwan from Brunei using Mobile

Roaming charges can be expensive, so it’s important to be aware of what your plan covers before you leave home. Many mobile carriers offer packages that include international roaming, but there may be restrictions on the type of service you can use or the amount of data you can download. If you’re not sure what your plan includes, contact your carrier before you leave.

If you’re traveling to a country where your carrier has a partner network, you may be able to use your phone at a reduced rate. To find out if this is an option, contact your carrier or check their website.

If you’re not able to use your phone in the country you’re visiting, you may be able to rent a phone or buy a prepaid SIM card. Prepaid SIM cards are available at most airports and can be a cheaper option than renting a phone.

When making a call, be sure to dial the country code and the area code for the city you’re calling. For example, to call Taipei from Brunei, you would dial +886 2.


There are a few different ways to call Taiwan from Brunei. The easiest way is to use a calling card. You can also use your cell phone, but you will need to activate international roaming and it will be expensive.


What are the similarities and differences between Taiwan and Brunei?

There are several similarities and differences between Taiwan and Brunei. Some of the similarities include that both countries are located in Southeast Asia and have a population of around 10 million people. Both countries are also considered to be developed countries with a high standard of living.

Some of the key differences between Taiwan and Brunei include that Taiwan is a democracy while Brunei is an absolute monarchy. Taiwan has a free market economy while Brunei has a planned economy. Finally, Taiwan is a largely Buddhist country while Brunei is a Muslim country.

What is the history of Taiwan and Brunei?

Taiwan is an island located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is about the size of Maryland and is home to around 23 million people. The island is controlled by the Republic of China, which also controls the mainland of China.

Brunei is a small country located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is home to around 420,000 people. The country is ruled by the Sultan of Brunei, who also serves as the Prime Minister.

What are the major industries in Taiwan and Brunei?

The major industries in Taiwan are electronics, textiles, and petrochemicals. The major industries in Brunei are oil and gas.

What is the culture of Taiwan and Brunei?

Taiwanese culture is heavily influenced by Confucianism, while Bruneian culture is a mix of Malay, Islamic, and Western cultures.

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