How to call Vanuatu from Macau

To make an international call from Macau to Vanuatu, you need to dial the international access code for Macau, followed by the country code for Vanuatu (678), the area code for the city you’re calling, and the local phone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Vanuatu from Macau

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Exit Code: 00

Country Code:678

Area Code: 2

Local Time:

For calling Vanuatu from Macau, the Exit Code is 00. The Country Code for Vanuatu is 678. The Area Code for Vanuatu is 2. Vanuatu’s Local Time is .

Area Codes Code by Location

Vanuatu: 678
Macau: 853

Calling Vanuatu from Macau using Landline

The Vanuatu country code is 678. When dialing from Macau, dial 00 followed by the country code, area code and phone number. For example, to call a Vanuatu landline number from Macau, dial 00-678-XXX-XXXX.

Calling Vanuatu from Macau using Mobile

There is no need to purchase a Vanuatu SIM card to make calls while in the country. All you need is an unlocked mobile phone that can use a local SIM card and an active Vanuatu prepaid SIM card. Topping up your prepaid SIM card is easy and can be done at any convenience store or supermarket. The best rates are available by purchasing a prepaid SIM card that offers a data bundle.


Vanuatu is an archipelago nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations. The official languages are English and Bislama.

The country code for Vanuatu is 678. To call Vanuatu from Macau, dial 00 followed by 678.


What is the distance between Vanuatu and Macau?

The distance between Vanuatu and Macau is 5,500 miles.

What is the climate like in Vanuatu?

The climate in Vanuatu is tropical with a dry season from June to October.

What is the currency in Vanuatu?

The currency in Vanuatu is the Vanuatu vatu.

What is the population of Vanuatu?

The population of Vanuatu is 286,000.

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