How to fix charging issues on OnePlus devices

We talk about OnePlus charging issues device, it stands out from any other Chinese smartphone company, even though it is a Chinese company and part of it BBK Electronics.

For information, OnePlus already published OxygenOS 13 stable update For its eligible smartphones. And if we talk about the current situation, most of the smartphones in the Nord series are struggling OxygenOS 13 update. As you know, we are officially in the new year 2023, and according to the roadmap, the rest of the devices will also get the update soon. 2023 H1.

But as of now, the company is still rolling out the December 2022 update January 2023. Recent devices that receive December 2022 update is OnePlus 9 series.

However, despite all this, OnePlus devices continue to have problems with charging. Slow charging, battery draining fast, sometimes not even charging at allAnd by this problemOnePlus Users are very worried about the phone. For them, we have made this post, where we have discussed several methods through which they can solve the charging problem of their OnePlus devices.

Why fast charging trend in smartphones?

Nowadays, fast charging in smartphones is becoming a very necessary feature as everyone wants to save time and want their smartphones to be fully charged within minutes; All this is because the importance of smartphone has increased in our daily life, and in some cases, we cannot do our work without smartphone, the reason behind this is the increase in power in every field. Other important requirements for users are using social media platforms and playing gaming.

Either method, fast charging or wireless charging, or charging the phone at a normal charging rate is essential in all cases. Without charging, after a certain time, the phone will turn off, and it will be of no use.

First of all, we want to tell you that this is a common problem, and other than that OnePlus The device also faces the same problem. So no need to worry about it. Assume there is no hardware fault.

How to fix charging problem on OnePlus device?

  • First thing, check your charging port OnePlus Mobile device detects any signs of damage.
  • Try charging your OnePlus using a different charger; Maybe your charger is damaged internally.
  • If your device is not updated, then, your update OnePlus Device software and installed applications.
  • If it continues, do all of the above, then go to OnePlus care center and ask them to fix it.

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