How to Enable Dual Channel Acceleration [Realme UI 4.0]

The Realme UI 4.0 The update brings a bundle of new features and improvements over the previous UI. who received Android 13-based Realme UI 4.0 update The new features will be enjoyed. Along with the new features, the company is also enhancing the Wi-Fi settings feature by adding new options Realme UI 4.0 One of which is dual-channel acceleration.

What are dual channel acceleration features?

Released by Realme Dual channel acceleration Features for its smartphones years ago. This feature allows you to use mobile data and Wi-Fi simultaneously for a faster internet connection. Also, the function of this feature is to increase the internet connection speed of the phone.

Moreover, this feature allows the device to automatically switch between mobile data or Wi-Fi when the connection is weak. This will provide you with a seamless internet connection Realme smartphone. Well, in this article, we are sharing the guides for how to enable Dual channel acceleration feature On a Realme phone.

According to the information, Dual channel acceleration The feature supports network acceleration technology with WhatsApp, Internet, Facebook, Chrome, Instagram etc. However, battery consumption will be high if you enable this feature, so allow this feature only if necessary. For example, you can use it while playing online games.

How to Enable Dual-Channel Acceleration on Realme Phone?

  • open settings and navigation WiFi
  • Here we can see all available wifi networks and Wi-Fi Assistant.
  • click on Wi-Fi Assistant
  • From here, tap on Dual channel acceleration

Similar features: Dual Wi-Fi acceleration

Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration can connect two Wi-Fi hotspots at the same time in different frequency bands. With this feature, you use the Internet through two different network frequency bands at the same time, thereby increasing the Internet speed.

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