Learn more about Samsung Game Booster and enhance your gaming

Samsung Game Booster The tool has amazing features that are available on Galaxy devices to improve gaming performance. Recently, Samsung Game Booster received a new update Version; this Latest update Improves app performance and fixes several bugs.

Plus, A UI 5.0 stable Released with S22 series, a clause Many other smartphones have also received the update and the company will extend the update to more eligible devices in the coming days.

Samsung Game Booster:

Samsung Game Booster An application designed to improve the user experience while playing your games Galaxy devices. It doesn’t matter what kind of game you play. It monitors how the game runs and monitors your game usage on the device.

Moreover, Game Booster manages data about temperature and memory to automatically adjust your device settings to give you a seamless experience. In addition, the game assistant Allows you to disable Bixby and Edge panel, you can even hide notifications to keep all your focus on the game you are playing.

How to enable game booster?

  1. While playing the game, swipe right
  2. Tap on the Game Booster icon
  3. Tap Start
  4. Game Booster will activate, and you will be returned to your game

in samsung game booster, There are four to five functions available that help improve gaming performance.

  • Lock icon: It helps us to lock the touch screen while playing a game To unlock the screen, you can drag and touch the lock icon anywhere on the screen.
  • Hidden button icon: It hides the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and if back, you tap on the bar icon.
  • Capture icon; It captures and shares screenshots while playing games.
  • Recording icon: This icon helps to record gaming session for story.

Some mods are available in the Game Booster control panel:

Priority mode:

This feature blocks incoming calls and all notifications except alarms to keep you fully focused on your gaming experience. Also, close apps that you use a lot of network connection and processor power

Monitoring Temperature/Monitoring Memory:

This function allows you to configure the device to automatically adjust the volume or video frame rate to protect your smartphone from overheating. This prevents apps from running in the background when not enough memory is available.

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