The January update is now rolling out for Google Pixel devices, all the details here

Google: The January 2023 security update is currently rolling out for Google Pixel smartphones. Let’s hold this update. The full list of fixes included in this release is shown below. Details are listed below.

What’s new in Google Update?

What’s exciting about this update is that it will make some Pixel devices and their accessories compatible with spatial audio. Additionally, it is for biometrics. This will improve fingerprint recognition in additional ways. Fixed issues with Bluetooth when connecting or disconnecting Bluetooth on any Pixel device. Additionally, it will fix camera issues with Pixel devices. This update is intended to fix the issue of distorted or zoomed-in images on high-end Pixel smartphones like the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Additionally, it will fix the display and graphics issues of Google Pixel devices. Pixel users sometimes face another problem when the display turns off when their Pixel smartphone is turned on. This issue is also intended to be resolved. This update will also fix issues with the user interface. This will fix the issue that causes the user interface to appear in a landscape layout even if the device is actually in portrait mode.

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