iPhone SE 4: Apple cancels SE series launch in 2024, what you need to know

iPhone SE 4: According to reports, Apple has decided against releasing the iPhone SE 4 in 2024. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the Cupertino-based business is advising its suppliers on the same. The fourth-generation iPhone SE was supposed to ship with Apple’s first in-house 5G processor. But this is no longer expected, according to Kuo in a Medium article, Apple seems to have discontinued the smartphone.

Rather, Apple will continue to use Qualcomm 5G semiconductors for its phones in 2024, including the iPhone 16 series, according to Kuo.

iPhone SE 4: Specifications

processor Apple A16 Bionic
Rear camera 12 MP
Front camera 10.8 MP
display 6.1 inches (15.49 cm)


Lunch date January 19, 2023 (Private)
operating system iOS v16


chipset Apple A16 Bionic
CPU Hexa Core (3.46 GHz, Dual core, Everest + 2.02 GHz, Quad core, Sawtooth)
architecture 64 bit
fabrication 4 nm
Graphics Apple GPU (five-core graphics)

Apple is concerned about performance

“Apple originally planned to introduce its baseband chip in 2024 and let the entry-level iPhone SE 4 adopt it first, and will decide whether to let the iPhone 16 use its baseband chip depending on the iPhone SE 4’s development status,” ” he wrote. in terms of “This was due to concerns that the performance of the in-house baseband chip might not be on par with Qualcomm’s.”

He added, “However, the cancellation of the iPhone SE significantly increases the possibility of Qualcomm acting as the sole supplier of baseband chips for the new iPhone 16 series in the second half of ’24. That’s better than market consensus that Qualcomm will start losing iPhone orders in 2024.

Why was the launch date delayed?

Kuo predicted in December last year that Apple would decide to delay or cancel the iPhone SE 4 release. He then speculated that it could be due to midrange shipments of entry-level iPhones, such as the iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13 mini. , and the recently released iPhone 14 Plus, fell short of expectations. “According to my recent research, Apple will likely delay or abandon its intention to mass produce the iPhone SE 4 in 2024. I believe this is because mid-to-low-end iPhone shipments (such as the SE 3, 13 mini, and 14 Plus) have consistently fallen short of forecasts, Kuo said in a tweet at the time.

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