Vivo will soon launch a smart car? Here’s what we know about this out of the box

Vivo: Yes, what you heard is true. If we believe that the images posted online, which Vivo Mobile Communication Co. Ltd. Showing off a VIVO Smart Car registered by VIVO will soon launch its Smart Car series Earlier, it was reported that VIVO has trademark registration under 12 classes. If we discuss class 12, then a trademark category for electric vehicles, motorcycles, driverless (autonomous) vehicles, bicycles, mopeds, self-balancing vehicles, electric vehicles. Electric unicycles, unicycles, self-balancing unicycles, remote-control vehicles, power boats, airplanes, aerial drones and photography drones.

VIVO Smart Car

The company has now registered the Vivo Smart Car as Mukul Sharma revealed this information on Twitter. The tipster only provided a screenshot of the data, more than that.

Players in the automotive industry are changing rapidly as the trend towards electric vehicles (EVs) gains popularity domestically and internationally. This would suggest that there will be a strong push for the electric vehicle market in the coming years.

The future of EVs

Now, if we discuss the future of electric vehicles, it is going to be huge because you will save a lot of money with these vehicles. This means that you will save a significant amount of money in addition to the few bucks you currently spend on fuel.

However, EVs still don’t have the extensive infrastructure that they really need. However, brand new power stations are being built for this EV connection.

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