Top 6 Neha Gupta Web Series Watch Online on Ullu App

Neha Gupta Clearly ruling the industry by the start of 2023. The actress rose to fame Pehrdaar web series on primeplay app. He continues to grow with multiple web series across platforms.

Here we have written the list Best Web Series Neha Gupta That you can see online across platforms. Also, the actress became a part of the first Ullu web series in the first week of January 2023.

1. Pehrdaar Web Series – Primeplay App

Neha Gupta has been part of the local OTT industry for some time. However, she rose to fame after acting in Pehreda’s web series Shaina Khatri and Jayashree Gaikwad. Don’t miss the threeway romance between Deepak Dutt Sharma, Jayashree Gaikwad and Neha Gupta.

2. I Love You Web Series – Ullu App

Neha Gupta plays one of the lead actresses in the web series I Love You Ullu. The web series follows a comedy drama revolving around a family. Two friends fall for the same girl, where one starts a relationship with his friend’s mother and sister.

3. Charmsukh Tapan Web Series – Ullu App

Neha Gupta is playing the lead role in Charmsukh Tapan web series. The web series revolves around the twisted relationships of a family. Charmukh Tapan web series stars Neha Gupta, Kajal Jha and Noor Malvika.

4. Charmsukh Majboori Web Series – Ullu App

One of Neha Gupta’s earliest ullu appearances was in a web series called Charmsukh Mazburi web series. She played the role of the girl who blackmailed her stepfather into having an affair. This was probably the first collaboration with Neha Gupta for the Ullu web series.

5. ATM Future Web Series – Voovi App

Neha Gupta also acted in a web series directed by SSK called ATM Bhabhi. While Alia Naaz played the lead role in the web series, Neha Gupta did a decent performance opposite Noor Malvika.

6. Dil Do Web Series – Ullu App

Neha Gupta previously appeared in a minor role in the Ullu web series titled Dil Do. Actress Tanya Chatterjee played the lead role in the web series. However, Neha Gupta stole the show with her very dramatic role.

Neha Gupta as an actress is pure gold, and we love seeing Neha Gupta in many upcoming web series across platforms.

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